The SEWM conference series provides a biennial gathering at which recent developments in the theoretical study of the electroweak and strong forces under extreme conditions, such as those occurring in the Early Universe or in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, are discussed. This year's meeting is co-organised by the Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics at the University of Bern, by the Theory Division at CERN, by the Institute of Theoretical Physics at EPFL Lausanne, and by the Institute for Theoretical Physics at ETH Zürich.

Coordinates and deadlines

The workshop takes place on July 14 - 18, 2014, at the premises of EPFL Lausanne. It kicks off with a welcome reception on the evening of Monday July 14, and adjourns in the late afternoon of Friday July 18. An excursion and social dinner are foreseen for the evening of Wednesday July 16.
The deadline for registration is June 14, 2014. Abstracts for talks can be submitted until June 1, for posters until June 14. Hotel pre-bookings are guaranteed until June 1, but with luck some rooms may be found later on as well.


SEWM14 is the 11th meeting of the series. Previous conferences took place in: