Our meeting was generously supported by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.

Within Switzerland, the Latsis Foundation awards individual prizes to young researchers (at Geneva university, 32 prizes in 1983-2014; at EPFL, 26 prizes in 1986-2013; at ETHZ, 31 prizes in 1984-2013; at St Gallen, 28 prizes in 1983-2013) as well as a National prize (30 prizes in 1984-2013). In addition there has been a European prize (13 prizes in 1999-2013). Apart from the individual prizes, the Latsis Foundation also supports colloquia, symposia, and conferences (at Geneva university, 31 events in 1991-2014; at EPFL, 23 symposia in 1988-2014; at ETHZ, 29 symposia in 1986-2014; as well as a Latsis Bavois Forum, with 8 events in 1994-2001).

With the help of the Latsis Foundation's support, we were able to do many things that would otherwise not have been possible, such as offering support for local costs for a number of graduate students; keeping the conference fee at an affordable level; inviting a very distinguished speaker for a public lecture; and inviting a relatively large number of renowned overseas speakers for the regular program. Consequently, it appears that this year's symposium at EPFL was rather successful. As evidence for this, we list below some feedback from the participants.

This has been an exceptionally well-organized and enjoyable conference. The setting and facilities are outstanding, and everything has worked like charm. The only unfortunate thing about the workshop is its timing: on the third week of July I would love to be able to be on vacation.

I would like to express my overall satisfaction with the conference in Lausanne. This has been a very nice and well organised conference with good talks and interesting excursions. I am happy with the introduction of parallel sessions this meeting. Although there were sometimes multiple talks I was interested in taking place at the same time, in general I was happy to have the ability to choose the talks which are most relevant.

In my opinion the conference was a great success, with many interesting talks covering a wide range topics. Besides catching up with recent developments and overseas friends, I would like to single out the excursion to CERN as a highlight. The possibility to go down in the ATLAS experiment (and others as well) was highly appreciated by all. Finally, the boat trip with an excellent dinner has certainly set a very high standard for future meetings.

Strong and Electroweak matter conferences have an important position in particle physics: it is the common venue for scientists studying high temperature or high density particle physics systems, uniting physicists working at QCD, weak interactions and cosmology, and using a wide variety of research tools. The conference in Lausanne has been very successful. It has attracted a large number of scientists working in relevant fields. It has been run without a single hitch, in facilities very well suited for scientific interaction.

An exciting conference in a fantastic setting, plus smooth organization! Breaking the tradition however, this year's meeting had the novelty of parallel sessions - a feature that might be critically reconsidered for future meetings.

This conference has been a very well organized event, successfully bringing together researchers from diverse fields. This made it possible to not only benefit from excellent overview presentations on recent scientific progress, but also to engage in fruitful discussions directly relevant to my research interests. Besides the obvious positive professional aspects, the beautiful location and a superb social event all contributed to a well rounded experience to be remembered.

This conference is one of the best I ever attended and the organisation is great.

Great conference! Wonderful dinner. Interesting excursions.

Thank you very much for a most excellent conference, in all respects. The talks were diverse and interesting, encouraging one to think about different puzzles, and about old ones from a different perspective. I learned many things, and hope in the next days to read many papers related to the conference (perhaps some collaborations will follow). And the organisation was also excellent; having lunch together is conducive to discussions, the poster session was lively, and I will remember for a long time the fine conference dinner on a paddle-boat, complete with views of the lake, and of the pistons which drove the paddles.

Excellent meeting. Good mix of topics. Interesting talks. It is my impression that the parallel session worked well, and that people distributed themselves roughly evenly. The number fits the two smaller rooms, but the large auditorium seemed a bit empty. That's how it had to be. The best of all, however, was the boat trip and dinner. Brilliant.

This has been a very good conference. There were many talks on the physics of quark-gluon plasma and heavy ion collisions, topics with which I am well familiar, that provided insights that were interesting and new. In addition, from the electroweak part of the program, I found talks that gave me a good overview of the current status of research programs with which I have not kept current -- for example the talks on leptogenesis and on gravitational waves from the electroweak phase transition. The location and local organization were both excellent. Congratulations on a job well done indeed.

Thank you for organizing such a nice symposium. Everything was very good, almost all the talks started and ended on time, the schedule was followed very strictly; excursions were nice, especially the boat tour in Lake Geneva.

Nice scientific program with modern topics. Good mix of senior and promising young scientists. Beautiful city. Allocation of time per talk was good but could have been more "democratic" by cutting a few minutes from the plenary talks and distributing it to the rest.

I like the variety of topics that are addressed and also that quite a lot of young people (I mean even PhD students) have the possibility to give plenary talks. The conference is organized well.

The conference was wonderful. I love the breadth of talks at the conference. I found it very effective at bringing me up to date on topics related to but different than what I work on day to day (as well as a number of very informative talks on the subjects I do work on day to day). I am also very happy about the size of the conference -- large enough for a good diversity and many people to talk to and interact with, yet small enough to be intimate and provide repeated interactions with experts in the field. You have done a great job in hosting this symposium. And Lausanne was a very nice venue.

This is a great conference which concentrates on a few very interesting theoretical aspects of elementary interactions. The organization is perfect. Beside nice talks and posters in the conference, one can also have a lot of communication with other participates, which is quite helpful to make progress in the further studies and collaborations. We really enjoy the nice talks, nice view and nice food here.

I've just started my PhD and SEWM14 has been my first workshop abroad. All the participants and the organizers have been very kind and helpful with me, and the coffee breaks have been nice occasions for discussing, asking and giving explanations, and also for becoming familiar with the others. In particular I have found very good the idea of planning the poster session at the end of the afternoon, on Thursday. Since there were no more talks after the poster session, we had almost three hours for discussing and for interacting. In my opinion conferences are an invaluable opportunity for young people for estabilishing links in prospect of possible future collaborations.

I enjoyed the meeting, and wish I could have stayed through the end of the week. This year's SEWM had more talks which I found especially interesting than was the case with some of the previous meetings. Well done!